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Take a moment to reflect and be honest with yourself.

Were you ready for the change you're currently experiencing or have recently experienced? Are you prepared for the changes ahead of you? If the answer is No, then you're not alone. Actually, you're in strong company. The unfortunate reality is that most people are uncomfortable with change. Whether you're dealing with significant loss, anxiety of job changes, or ambiguous about an inevitable event.

To transition or not to transition. We have no choice.

Transitionism©˙is the belief that we are all in transition every second of the day. As Transitionalists - a person consciously aware of their state of progression or regression - it is our commitment to our desired disposition that drives us to succeed through significant change.

Life is out of your control, but YourLegacy can be. YourLegacy is EYP’s tailored and measured path to identified goals & milestones. Resourceful tools, such as the EYP Transition Journal which offers a personalized source of reference, are critical to establishing a clear plan to move beyond your current state.


Express Your Perspective’s Master of Change Transition Coaching offers a relationship-accountability program that helps:


  • Identify & prioritize critical goals connected to your desired achievements

  • Inspire an authentic approach to critical circumstances to achieve optimal results

  • Connect you to supportive activities, networks, and opportunities to maximize your achievability.




Experience the best version of you! Complete the following questionnaire to initiate the intake process. I look forward to connecting with you to learn how we can work together to get you where you desire to be in - your personal life or career. 

T Woods EYP.png

T. Woods

Health & Fitness Coach • Houston, TX

As an experienced licensed professional who assists people in the transformation of their bodies, I understand the critical role one's mindset can play. To have a practice such as Express Your Perspective available to my clients to help shape and achieve their transition to an overall healthier space has been a blessing.

Intake Questionnaire
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Let's talk change.

Following the submission of your responses, you will be contacted to schedule an initial session to discuss personal backgrounds, provide additional information, communicate expectations, and to see if we're a good fit for each other.

1. Are you primarily located in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area?
2. Which of the following areas have you experienced the most significant transition over the last 2 years?
5. Do your family, friends, and colleagues, see you as the go-to person for solutions in tough situations?

Thanks for sharing your responses!

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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