• Eric

Piano Man

I accepted the invitation to hear the great Piano Man

Stepped on the scene and the vibe was on point

Made way to my seat front and center with much anticipation

The lights dimmed and the curtain opened slowly

Out walks the Piano Man with bold confident steps

He sits at the piano and begins his set

Melodic rifts fill the air reaching deep inside me

Each strike of the keys opens new doors of possibilities

The crust built up from years of suppression and fear begin to crumble away

My spirit is in tune with his song

Tears of release flow freely, washing away all doubt

Allowing more possibilities to fill my head

His selections were filled with many rhythms and tempos

Each one enlightening every area of my mind

An empowering experience that would not easily be forgotten

The lights began to brighten slowly

I wipe away the tears as the Piano Man closes his final set

As I leap up to give a standing ovation

I notice I am the only person in the audience

I was shocked and pleased to see

That the man who gave such a life changing performance was ME.

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