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Just Because You
Stopped Playing


Doesn't Mean You
Stop Running.

Express Your Perspective understands the transitions students go through during their formative years. With all of the influence from family friends and social media, it is hard for young people to tap into the things they really love and pursue their dreams and desires. Our goal with the Next Play Transition Program is to help the student navigate their transition journey with practical steps that lead to measurable progress.


Here are some steps that young people can take to experience a smooth and successful transition:


  • Assess your skills and interests. It's essential to know the interests, skills, and innate talents students have. This is accomplished by establishing their true identity. As a part of our Next Play Transition Program, we will provide personal and career assessments that will help to identify the paths that need to be taken while creating an Executable Transition Plan with Milestone and Results.

  • Plan ahead. Our Certified Coaches create comprehensive plans that help students walk through practical steps of execution. We will set specific goals and timelines, very similar to what is done to keep them motivated and focused.

  • Network. We introduce each student to networking opportunities within various communities. The objective is to build connections that will facilitate a smooth transition during the time of significant change.

  • Get educated. Depending on the results from the assessment and the steps in the transition plan, we will recommend different courses and training that provide the wisdom and knowledge needed to deal with the challenges faced during transition.

  • Provide Continuous Support. We feel that it is essential to establish viable support during and after the transition. This support will be made available to family, friends, and associates who are directly connected to the transitioning student to help manage the emotional challenges associated with establishing new things in their lives..


We realize that the transition to a new lifestyle is a process for young people, and it will take time to adjust. Our main objective is to help each student develop patience, stay positive, and keep moving forward during times of significant change.

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