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Begin your individual legacy plan through virtual private group coaching.


Even in the midst of our individuality, we are all social beings with a sense of belonging deeply ingrained in our nature. Legacy Circle is a community where members receive encouragement, information, and the support needed to grow and prosper during times transition. Here are some benefits of being a part of Legacy Circle:

  • Private Group Coaching. Receive support from Circle Leaders as well as fellow Legacy Circle Members who are also holding themselves accountable to achieve peace with mobility, set viable goals, and strengthen their aspirations. This synergy provides the support needed to get through life's transitions.
  • Expressions. Expressions™ is an interactive bi-weekly session where forward thinkers, artists, subject matter experts, and professionals take the center stage to introduce information and discussions meant to challenge and expand our mindsets. Interested in presenting in Legacy Circle Members. Click here to share information with Circle Leaders to consider.

  • Progressive Reenforcement. Engage and receive sincere feedback on ideas and activities from like-minded forward thinkers. Utilize the LC platform to build worthwhile connections with people you’ve come to know and trust. Let us be a sounding board for all creative and progressive forms of expression.

  • Outlet for Passion. Create your own personal profile and let fellow Legacy Circle Members know who you are. Feel free to post representations of your expansive & creative expressions - pictures, video, poetry, literature, etc. Bring the inside you to the outside and let us celebrate you for your wondrous act(s) of self-love. It’s time to scream your passions aloud.


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Legacy C Membership



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Express your Perspective's interactive online platform.

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Private Group Coaching

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