Reach,Touch, and Enhance Lives

Do you have an insatiable desire to make a difference in the world but don't know where to begin? I experienced the same feeling for years until I discovered how to truly express my unique perspective to the masses. 


I began my expression while serving in several capacities at Life Changers International Church.  This is where I learned to help people understand to use their gifts and talents. After working in the ministry for many years, I became the Vice President of a Non- Profit Organization called Brother 2 Brother. This group of men reaches, touches, and enhances the lives of families by providing educational scholarships, holiday dinners, school supplies, and coats during the winter months. I was also honored with the opportunity to serve as a Board Member for the Sonny Parker Youth Foundation, an organization that works with young men and women to develop character through sports and the classroom.


From there I became an assistant head coach for Kenwood High School in Chicago, IL. where I mentored students and helped them to discover who they are as well as communicate their goals and aspirations effectively. After working with athletes at the high school level, I realized that it was hard for them to truly express themselves freely due to societal limitations. In order to combat this, I worked with several colleagues to create an entity named the LET Group. LET Group is an organization that helps individuals understand and overcome the mental, physical, and spiritual stereotypes placed on them by sports.

This culmination of my professional & personal experiences led to the inception of Express Your Perspective (EYP). After being an integral part of several organizations, as well as spearheading a number of initiatives, I developed a clear purpose dear to my heart. To help people to discover and strengthen their true identities as well as express themselves with confidence, clarity, and conviction.


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