Time may not be on your side, but I am. Let's achieve your goals together.


Your daughter is leaving for college and you are becoming an empty nester...

You sold your home and you are moving to another state...

You are leaving your job after 20 years of service to become an entrepreneur...

Embracing change implies that you don't see the transition as adversity but as an opportunity to improve yourself and experience exciting new things in your life.

Affirmations, Positivity, Motivational Quotes, and Love from Family & Friends help but many times we need a Personal Revelation to understand the Transformations we need to experience during Life's Transitions.

This is where I step in.

Let me

help you...

I am a Certified Coach, Author, and Inspirational Speaker whose lifelong passion is to help people do what they love to do for the people they love in order to establish a rich & long-lasting Legacy. Over the last 30 years, I have welcomed opportunities to assist individuals and organizations by finding innovative ways to achieve their goals and aspirations. As a Life-Long Learner, I am constantly looking for ways to create mindsets that lead to experiencing everything life has to offer us.

Embrace Your Identity

Remove unwarranted distractions that disconnect you from your core values & beliefs.

Be Intentional

Keep Your Purpose in Mind to Establish Direction.

Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

Develop a mindful course of action that will help you through your transition.

Execute and Eliminate Excuses

Design and Implement System(s) of Accountability.

Measure Your Progress

Evaluate Progress and Make Necessary Corrections.

Experience Growth & Prosperity

Establish Milestones and Celebrate When Each One is Reached


For most of my Business Life, I had the Midas Touch!

Every business deal I was involved in made tons of money and life was extraordinary. Regardless of my success and overtime, my poorly managed stress put a strain on my business. I experienced lean profits and this was the beginning of some of the hardest times of my life. I was lost and I had no clue about what happened and what my future had in store for me and my family,

This is where Transition Coaching came into play.

Each coaching session helped me to see the significant changes in my life from a different perspective. The tools and techniques that were used showed me that I had countless possibilities available to me and that I just needed to leverage them. Now I have several businesses that are thriving because of the things that I learned and implemented from transition coaching.

"I coached High School Basketball in Chicago for over 15 years. I desired to relocate to other areas of the country to seek coaching opportunities but I had no idea what it meant to move to another city. My transition coaching sessions helped me to formulate a plan that helped me move to Orlando and find my dream job. 


L. Finner

"As a single mother, I face many challenges with my teenage daughter during her junior year in High School. I lost myself and focused all my energy on helping my daughter get thru her hard times. During my One on One Transition Coaching Sessions, I was allowed to express myself and understand how I could maintain my identity while  operating in different times."


M. Fuller



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