Express Your Perspective ®© (EYP) was birthed 5 years ago as I was recovering from a serious of life-altering events. The process began after I survived a massive heart attack which was the result of my physical and mental reactions to adverse circumstances and situation. My journey revealed several things to me.


The first discovery was that my Overall Health is my Wealth and Prosperity in every area of my life. The second discovery was that I needed to understand my true identity in order to connect to my purpose which dictates my actions.was hidden under the expect. 


In society we have been conditioned to not express ourselves sometimes, which can lead to illness, dis-ease, and so much more. Express Your Perspective ®© has communicated empowering messages through speaking engagements and workshops that have created a healthy environment for introspection, discovery, goal-setting, and accomplishments. 


EYP is actively creating a platform built on love and legacy to empower the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Our efforts won’t reach their maximum effectiveness unless we have the backing of our entire community. 


EYP is currently developing an online interactive workbook that will assist individuals and organizations with creating a plan of execution to achieve their goals. 


The EYP Community has become a cause that gives individuals and organizations the tool of execution needed to attain optimal results. This is a huge undertaking and there is no way we can do it alone.


We are planning new dates for upcoming workshops speaking engagements, and symposiums in cities all over the world.


We are all in this together and your contributions and support will provide a unique opportunity to re|treat, re|discover, and re|connect ©®. 


Thank you for taking this journey with us. 

We appreciate your continued support and involvement in the EYP movement. 


©2019 by Express Your Perspective