A Letter 

From The Founder

Express Your Perspective was born from a perfect storm – a series of events in my life that made me realize I felt unfulfilled. I lacked a form of expression that spoke to my soul. As a consequence, I held on to resentment, harbored unhealthy habits that felt positive at the time, and lost perspective on who I truly am.

My catalyst was called the Widow Maker – a heart attack with a less than 5% chance survival rate. By the grace of God, I arrived at the hospital in time to be part of that 5%. As I healed I began to look inward and examine what led me there in the first place. This was the inspiration for the 3 pillars of Express Your Perspective - Retreat, Rediscover, Reconnect. 

My hope is that a much less serious condition or event has led you to Express Your Perspective. I hope that as you explore this community you lean into your passions and nourish your soul through creating your legacy. Do what you love to do, for the people you love. Build something, anything, that makes your heart sing. Because when you lift yourself, you lift others in the process.

So tell me: what will your legacy be?


Meet The EYP Team

Terry Robinson

I believe in meeting people where they are and not where you think they should be.

What I've learned over the years is that at the end of the day we're all the same. We all hold on to emotions and experiences that may or may not serve us. But we can only do what's on the inside. 

I'm a life-long counselor to many. Professionally, I began my journey in 1990 after earning my BA in Sociology from Drake University. I started out by helping those with Dual Diagnosis (substance abuse addictions and mental health problems) find creative solutions that would help them discover their purpose and true self-love. This led me to a life-long commitment of serving others. Through hard work and diligence, I became the CEO of a counseling agency that employed over three-hundred employees. The agency grew to become one of the largest agencies in the State of Iowa, effectively reaching the four corners of the state.

In the early 2000’s, I coined the term 'Athletes Transition Stress' that eventually led to a book of the same title. I've spoken to students at several universities and high schools over the years, helping them cope with transitioning away from sports - whatever the reason might be.

Only when we identify what is holding us back, can we truly move forward.

Africa Releford

“It is my belief that through expression you find healing and the door opens for healthy recovery and true success.”

When human beings experience trauma or extreme life stressors, it affects how they operate on their jobs, with their families, in social settings, etc. Their lives unravel, experiencing an array of emotional turbulence.

As a victim of child abuse, child molestation/sexual abuse, and spousal abuse, I understood what it was to have your life unravel. I know emotional turbulence all too well. In search of a “place of peace and happiness”, I had to find myself. It was not an easy task, yet it was possible. Now I have a passion to help people who suffer trauma created from stressful life occurrences.

It is my belief that through expression you find healing and the door opens for a recovery and true success. “The Arts” have been a major part of my recovery. I expressed myself there and felt safe.

My teaching, coaching, and consultation has allowed me to:

  • Build Two Large Multi-Million Dollar Behavioral Health Agencies in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Develop “Be You Beautiful”: A Youth Mental Health Program where children express themselves through music, dance, visual art, theater, and video/film production.
  • Create L.Y.F (LĪ’fe), LLC (Love Yourself First): A coaching practice that serves individuals, families, and couples by helping them discover and implement

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