What got you Here won't get you There... and I am here to help you with that.



re | treat

within yourself

re | discover

new opportunities and possibilities

re | connect

with your purpose with a fresh perspective

Express Your Perspective is
a unique support system designed to
help you find your purpose 
during times of significant change.
Our philosophy revolves around these three questions:

How do you disconnect from the day-to-day?

Daily obligations and responsibilities keep us so engaged that we take no time to pause to see where we are in life. Retreat within yourself and ask: Where am I and Where do go from here? Let the answers guide you to your true purpose. 

What's slowing down your progress?

Now that you have removed distractions, you will be able to understand the transitions you are experiencing and the opportunities connected to them. This is the information used to develop your customized Transition Plan.

How will you transition? What's the plan?

Now you can reconnect with your purpose with a fresh perspective. Your Transition Plan will serve as your guide to measure progress toward your specific goals. "Time to Transition." #T2T

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Growth is necessary and very uncomfortable. This Uniquely Confident Podcast discusses the transformation that is connected to each transition we experience in life.



Understanding Our Legacy

Realizing where certain traits and influences fit into our lives can be a powerful tool in deciding the type of parent, spouse and friend we want to become. Eric shares experiences and lessons he has learned as he has traveled down life's winding roads. 

Watch the Short Film

"Love & Legacy"

Love & Legacy is a short family-friendly film, produced by Express Your Perspective, that highlights three generations of The Harrison Household as they discuss the relevancy of "family", and how the notion of "Love & Legacy" has carried them through the ups & downs of life.

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Our Significance is not

Defined by What We Do...

It is Defined by Who We Are.

Eric Harrison's Book Lifestwists will help you discover and establish "Your Identity".

Your future starts now...

The grass is greener on the other side. Let me show you.

I'm in!